Sayi4 6

Kakeru and Yamato.

Description of the EpisodeEdit

Kakeru Hayakawa, known to have slept with many girls(including Aiko) has seemed to be attracted to Mei for a while. He asks Yamato if he can hook him and Mei up for a lunch date. Yamato, not knowing about Kakeru's plans to get Mei's attention, happily says yes.

At the restaurant, Mei silently eats awhile Yamato and Kakeru chat for a while. When Yamato gets a phone call from a friend of his, he excuses himself from the table.Knowing that this is the right chance to make his move, Kakeru moves up to Mei a bit and tries to convince her to become his girlfriend. Mei, able to sense Kakeru's intentions, knocks him off with her words.When Yamato gets to know of this, and hears Kakeru badmouthing Mei punches him in the stomach and tells him that Mei is "his" Girlfriend and no one else's.

The following day. Kakeru tells everything that happened the day before to Aiko. Instead of hearing what he actually wanted to hear, Aiko scolds him that he can never be like Yamato. Mei overhears this and talks bad about Kakeru. Becoming angry, he pushes Mei to the ground and walks away, calling the girls bitches.

Aiko asks Mei why she had to do that.Mei replies that she hates it when people talk bad about other people and also talks about how she admires Aiko because of her weight loss. She also adds that she can sense what Aiko felt when she had to go through the traumatizing feeling.Aiko back answers and tells that she will never know how it feels. Mei then tells Aiko that Yamato is hers, just like she is Yamato's.

The episode ends with Yamato telling Mei that he had to sleep with Aiko when she was fat because she was heartbroken and depressed at the time. He promises Mei that he will not sleep with any other girl, except her.