Kanji ストーカー
Romanji Sutōkā
Gender Male
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

He was a regular customer at the Bakery Farm and was Mei Tachibana's stalker. His name is not known nor revealed throughout the series; he is just referred to as "a stalker" or "stalker".


He is a tall man with short unkempt black hair and dark, narrow eyes. He wore a tailored black business suit with a white dress shirt and a dark purple striped tie. He also carried a darkly-colored briefcase. It is unknown whether he was handsome; he is assumed to be a rather regular-looking man.


He had the typical characteristics of a stalker: checking Mei out, watching her every move, shady appearance, etc. He was following her one night, patiently waiting for her outside when she ran inside a store to escape, showing that he is rather persistent to get Mei. He seemed to be a bit of a coward when Yamato came out of the store with Mei after she called him for help as a last resort(pretending to be her boyfriend and kissing her in order to ward the stalker off)and shot him an icy glare while he kissed Mei, thus forcing him to leave as a result.  


He was visiting Mei's workplace, the Bakery Farm. As Mei was working, he was observing her from a distance, analyzing her appearance. He then bought some baked goods checking her out up-close, received change from a suspicious and worried Mei, and then left with a small smile(possibly a smirk/leer). Mei was a bit creeped out by him, but thought nothing of it when he left.    


Stalker smiling

The next day, after Mei was leaving late from work, he was waiting outside for her. He then followed her until she ran into a convenience store. Unknown to him, Mei was calling all of her contacts(an extremely short list), then resorted to calling Yamato as a last desperate measure. When Yamato ran over to save her, he kissed her in front of the stalker, which shocked him. Yamato then glared at him, which promoted him to leave. He is never seen again after the first episode. 

Although reasons for stalking are often dangerous and rapacious, it is implied that this man was possibly romantically attracted to Mei, shown when Yamato professed his acted affection for her with the stalker's increased nervousness and displeasure.