New to Love (Ren'ai Shoshinsha 恋愛初心者) is the eight episode of Say "I Love You". It aired on November 24, 2012

Yamato realizes that he and Mei haven't gone home together for a long time, and so they do. It ends, however, in a misunderstanding when an indecisive Mei turns Yamato off. It is too late when she realizes she made a mistake. Rumors about Yamato and Megumi continue to circulate and depress her, especially when the latest issue of a magazine reveals that Megumi has feelings for Yamato. Even with Aiko and Asami giving their continued support, her doubts overwhelm her, and she decides to go home early that day. Before doing so, she stops by her part-time job at the bakery where she meets a customer named Kai Takemura. Mei is shocked when he tries asking about the special edition key chain Asami gave her. Meanwhile, Aiko, thinking that Yamato is getting too full of himself, talks to him about the rumors and how it is affecting Mei, and tells him what he needs to do in order to solve the misunderstanding. Realizing that he also made a mistake, he misses a photo shoot and searches for Mei in several places, including her house. Yamato finds Mei standing in a desolate street in tears, standing over her torn bracelet and beads. There, she confesses her feelings Yamato as he tries to reassure and apologize to Mei for being thoughtless. Yamato then gathers the scattered beads of her bracelet. She bends down to help him, but as their emotions threaten to overwhelm them both, they hug instead. 

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