Megumi Kitakawa (北川 めぐみ Kitagawa Megumi) is one of the main antagonists in this story. She is an amateur model and transfer student who was placed in Yamato's class. She acts sweet but in reality is aiming to steal Yamato from Mei.

Megumi Kitagawa
Kanji 北川 めぐみ
Romanji Kitagawa Megumi
Also known as Megu-tan
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 165 cm
Personal Status
School Toumei High School
Occupation High School Student

Amateur model

First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 6


Megumi is a teenager girl with light brown and curly hair. She often has her hair in a ponytail, using bangs to cover her forehead.

Megumi has a tall and slim body, as expected from a model. She really watches her calories intake, as seen when she is having dinner with Yamato and states that she prefers to eat cabbage instead of rice...

When she was young, she used to cover her face with her hair so nobody could see her face. Later she cut her hair short to prove that she is growing stronger and more mature.


Because of how she was treated as a child for being ugly and plain, she developed a hatred for everyone. However, she uses an innocent facade on the outside to cover those feelings. Kai stated that she did not want anyone else to be good and that she has to be the center of attention.

She wanted Yamato so that everyone would be jealous of her for having a hot boyfriend, though in the end she realizes that she is falling in love with him. After she realized that Yamato won't look at her, she decides to be more true to herself by cutting her hair short.


When Megumi was younger, her classmates would mock her for her long legs and make remarks about how ugly and plain she was. She was always seen in the back of the classroom; when somebody asked why, one of her friends stated it was because she was the poorest and ugliest of the class. After tiring of the insults, she one day tries to use her mom's makeup to make herself beautiful. This resulted in her friends not recognizing her and trying to become her friend.

She decides to be an innocent, bright, and cheerful girl on the outside in order to make friends. She basically uses her 'kindness' to her own convenience.


Megumi was introduced to Yamato when she went to karaoke place with her friends. She showed interest in him and asked if she could be his girlfriend, but he instantly refuses by saying he is already dating someone. Despite this, Megumi transfers to Toumei High School to be closer to him.

Megumi asks Yamato to be a model, which he is quite hesitant towards at first. She asked Mei about it, who was surprisingly supporting despite how much she didn't like it internally. During a photo shoot Yamato does with Megumi, people comment on how good they look together and say that they should become a real couple. This causes Mei to cry silently.

Realizing it is not enough to separate them both, Megumi begins to spread rumors about Mei and Kai talking about sex to Yamato, resulting in him being shocked and avoiding Mei. Soon after this, Megumi starts to invite Yamato to her house to have dinner everyday without realizing that some people from her school are watching them.

News about Yamato visiting Megumi's house spread quickly, leaving Mei shocked and hurt. Megumi even goes so far at to say that she loves Yamato in an interview with a magazine. While Megumi does not state that she is in love with Yamato specifically, Mei reads the interview and knows she is speaking about him. Mei then decides to go home.

Megumi later asks her childhood friend, Momoko, to help her isolate Mei even further. However, Momoko refuses. Megumi says that Momoko is a betrayer, and refuses to talk to her further. One day, she reads about people saying negative things about her, leaving her depressed. Shortly after, she refuses to talk to anyone.

Yamato receives a call from the model agency asking him about Megumi's whereabouts. He looks worried and asking permission from Mei to go to her house, which she grants immediately. Halfway there, he meets Momoko and the two walk together to Megumi's house. Shortly after, Megumi starts to cry when she sees the two in front of her house. Momoko and Megumi reconcile.

Later, Megumi joins a culture festival where she become one of the candidates. If she wins, she'll be allowed to go on a date with Yamato. Of course, she is very excited about this. In the end she wins the competition and asks Mei if it is alright to go for a date with Yamato. Mei replies that it is okay. They went for a date, and Megumi realizes that even though they are so close, Yamato was still not looking at her. He is thinking only of Mei. She decided to give up on him, but before she does so she asks Yamato to take a picture with her.


Yamato Kurosawa

Megumi's interest in Yamato is based only on image; having him as a lover was convenient for her, as she could use him to boost her popularity. Megumi doesn't have any serious feelings for him beyond that, but she doesn't dislike him either. At one point, there might've been a chance she had a small crush on him. (This is hinted at by how she blushed when asking him to continue visiting her house, though this could've also been the normal embarrassment of asking a boy over). 

Mei Tachibana

Megumi hates Mei because of her relationship with Yamato. She does not understand why everyone is supporting Mei instead of her. In order to make her feel lonely and without friends, she tries to create distance between Mei and Yamato as well and Mei and the rest of her friends. She even spreads rumours about Kai and Mei having sex to Yamato so he would leave her. Later, she competes with Mei in the culture festival.

Asami Oikawa

Oikawa is proclaimed by Megumi as her first friend after transferring to Touimei High School. She decides to befriend her and Aiko to try and separate them from Mei in the hopes that she would be lonely and no longer have friends. She tries to 'bribe' Oikawa by giving her a lot of cosmetics and hanging out with her, which she happily accepts. When Oikawa realizes her 'true' plan, Oikawa decides to maintain her relationship with her. Later, Oikawa is seen putting back Megu's table and chair inside despite it being moved by some of the other girls.

Kai Takemura

Takemura is the first person to realize that Megumi is being fake to everyone, which makes Megumi angry. Takemura is also the first person to confront her by saying that she wants to compete with Mei over Yamato because she wants to be the center of attention. Other characters like to tease Megumi about liking him. The manga hints at them having interest in eachother although Kai is currently dating Aoi Rin (as of chap 50).


  • Her grandmother is a farmer and sends her a lot of cabbage, which she prefers to eat instead of rice because of how low it is in calories.
  • In the anime, she transferred first to Toumei High School and met Yamato on a staircase. Later, she asks Yamato to be her boyfriend in front of the school after class ends.  



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