Yamato agrees to take care of the abandoned black kitten he and Mei found by the roadside. One day, he invites her over to his house to introduce Kuro, the black kitten, to Mei's white cat Marshmallow. Mei then gets to meet Nagi, Yamato's younger sister. Mei eventually finds out that, despite Nagi's good-naturedness and her talent for cooking and creating stuffed animals, she experienced the same thing when making friends as her. Even if Yamato tried to cheer her up, it did not stop her from skipping school altogether. Realizing that Nagi has forgotten Yamato #2--the pink stuffed bunny her brother gave her, Mei went over to her room and gave it back to her. At first Nagi was hostile to her, but when she finds out that she has something in common with her, Nagi even invited Mei to her room. Eventually Mei and Nagi became friends, especially when Mei assured that Nagi will find someone who shares her passion someday. Yamato, returning after Kenji asked him to get a gift from him and Asami, finds Kuro, Marshmallow, Mei and Nagi sleeping together on the couch in his room.

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