Megumi continues her quest for Kitito by trying to make use of Asami and Aiko to alienate and destabilize Mei (without them knowing it); and Kai in order to break her up with Yamato. Kai notices Mei being in pain and lonely, so he tries to cheer her up by giving the tickets Megumi gave him the other day, with the faint thought that this is part of some plan hatched by Megumi, as evidenced by her watching from afar--though he uses the time to declare to Mei that he has a crush on her. Yamato, taking note of Megumi's misleading information that Kai invited Mei to a date; and hearing the rumors about Mei and Kai, catches the two together, and an argument ensues. Kai scolds Yamato for not sensing that Mei is in pain and is lonely. Yamato admits to him that there are things he doesn't understand about Mei, but is willing to make them all clear by getting to know her even more. After hearing Yamato's side, Kai, despite hating some of his traits, gains more respect for him, and, after apologizing for punching him, leaves the two alone, with an advice for him: never make Mei feel uneasy and worried again. 

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